Button up shirts are a stylish choice year-round. However, if it gets chilly in your part of the country during the winter, you might have to put in a little more effort to make it work. However, a few extra steps can ensure your outfits are comfortable with your button up as the star of the show. From layering it with a 1/4 zip pullover to using vests, here’s how to make the most out of your button ups during the cooler months.

Layer a Long Sleeve Underneath

A good button up should never hide, but in the winter, how do you stay warm and keep it on display? The best way is by layering it in combination with a long sleeve T-shirt. Pick a neutral color for the T-shirt—white, black, or grey—and then your button up can still be the centerpiece of your outfit. Choose a performance T-shirt for added comfort. The lightweight and comfortable feel is a great option underneath your favorite button up.

Wear a Vest on Top of Your Button Up

If you want to reverse the layers and have your button up on the bottom but still be able to show it off, a vest is a great option. You can get a quilted or puffer vest, but either way, this is a throwback style that’s making a comeback. Everyone will still get to see your button up shirt, but you can enjoy the warmth and extra depth that a good vest provides. You can color match a blue vest with a blue and gray plaid button up or go with a contrasting look, like an olive vest over the top of a navy button up. There are so many ways to make this style work.

Pair a Pullover with Your Button Up for a Business Casual Look

Your button up can still influence your style even when it’s barely showing. That’s how good it is. When you want to show hints of your button up but layer against the cold in a professional setting, a golf quarter zip is the way to go. They look professional and are incredibly comfortable. The best part? You can unzip the quarter zip to give your button up some extra show time. Want to layer up even more? Throw on your vest over the pullover, and you’ve got a three-layer outfit ready for the colder parts of the country.

Don’t Forget to Bring One on Vacation

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to wear some warm-weather outfits. If you head out on vacation to the west coast or fly to an island, a button up is a perfect addition to your beachwear. You can rock it on the beach or wear it to dinner. A casual plaid button up works well with a pair of board shorts or even some casual jeans. Grab three or four, and you’ll look great all vacation long.

A Shirt Jacket Combines Button Up Style with Jacket Layering

A button up doesn’t always have to just be a shirt. In fact, you can find a shirt jacket that is the best of both worlds. It’s a staple in SoCal surf style but looks great on either coast. The thicker material holds up against chilly breezes but is soft enough to feel like a classic button up. You’ll want to wear it over and over again. It’s a must-have for every button up fan.

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