The holiday season is here, and if you’re shopping for your dad, husband, or another man in your life, you might try gifting them some fresh clothes. This presents a few questions. Should you get him something he doesn’t usually wear? What about the size? Thankfully, there are answers to these questions. From finding a 1/4 zip pullover in a color he doesn’t typically wear to picking up some tasteful layering pieces, here’s what you need to know.

Don’t Settle for Less Than What He Deserves

When giving someone a gift, you’re essentially telling them how important they are. That’s why the clothes you gift your dad or husband should share this sentiment. The man in your life deserves something special for all he does. 

Make sure the clothes you get are made from high-quality materials. When he opens his present, he’ll be greeted with a golf quarter zip, hoodie, or polo that is soft to the touch and breathable when worn. The holidays are the perfect time to spoil your loved one with top-of-the-line styles and garments.

Pick a Style He Loves to Wear

Every guy has a style he likes to stick to. Maybe he’s a big vest fan, or he enjoys layering polos with outerwear pieces. If you’re uncomfortable getting them something outside the box, look to what he already wears for inspiration.

This doesn’t mean you have to get him the exact same clothes as he already has, but instead, use this style as a starting point. If he enjoys vests, get him a puffer vest in a colorway he doesn’t have. Does he enjoy golf clothes? There are so many golf pullovers that he would look great in. Start your search with clothes you know he loves, and go from there.

Don’t Get Hung Up on the Size

Many people feel wary about gifting clothes because they don’t want to get the wrong size. While this is a genuine concern, you shouldn’t let it stop you. First, you can double-check sizes for your recipient by asking their significant other—or peeking in the closet if you are that significant other—and match up your gift with those sizes. Second, the best brands offer extended return policies and gift returns for site credit during the holidays. That way, if the size you get doesn’t fit quite right, they can easily get the size that does.

Layering Staples Are Always a Welcome Gift

When it comes to giving clothes as a gift, layering pieces are almost always an excellent idea for anyone on your list. One can never have too many jackets or pullovers after all. Not only are they loved by everyone, but they also work with several different styles. If your recipient typically sticks to casual, laid-back styles, they can wear their jacket as the main piece, but if they want to wear it to work or a dinner party, they can layer it with a button-down shirt or polo. There are so many ways to rock a quality layering piece. That’s what makes them such good gifts.

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